“See More” Google Custom Search (Pro)

ForumSetup.net’s “See More” Google Custom Search will allow visitors (and members if you desire) to easily find similar content on your site and increase your Adsense revenue! Many sites that have this modification installed have also reported a bump in pages per visitor and a decreased bounce rate as well!

How does it work? A “See More” link is inserted in the first post of a thread. If a user is coming from a search engine, the keyword they used to search will be used to link to a Google Custom Search to find more similar content on your site.  If the modification cannot get the keyword or a user is browsing your site, the title of the thread will be used instead. The free version of حادث Google Custom Search inserts relevant ads, increasing your Adsense revenue at the same time. 



The “See More” link in the first post



  • Displays search results within your site (does not go to Google)
  • Statistics in Google Analytics
  • Customize the See More font and link
  • Change “See More” text to whatever you want
  • Change the HTML around the See More link
  • Option to show popular queries & the time period they are from
  • Option to show the See More link to members or specific usergroups
  • Turn off showing the thread title as the See More link
  • Choose from 4 different locations for the link (before/after first post, before/after signature)
  • Replace the default vBulletin search box with Google Custom Search
  • Option to show the replaced search box to members or specific usergroups


The modification is available for a one time price of $14.99 USD

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var re = /^[\w-]+(\.[\w-]+)*@([\w-]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,7}$/;
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alert(“Please enter valid e-mail. Download link will be sent to this e-mail address.”);
jQuery(“#” + active_b29dd68bb4d4789896bf0a03e47e254d9).click();
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Try the free version before you buy!  (is missing some features and adds a link to ForumSetup.net to the footer of your site)




The search results page



The admincp settings




The Google Custom Search replacement


Case Study: cellphoneforums.net

Cell Phone Forums saw a number of different positive metrics immediately cheap football jerseys after installing See More Google Custom Search. The See More link is set to display just below the first post content and thread titles are turned on.

  • Bounce Rate decreased by 5.5%
  • Pages/Session increased 12%
  • Avg. Session Duration increased 10%
  • Adsense revenue: 64% increase


Case Study: nikonites.com

Nikonites also did well and saw better numbers with See More Google Custom Search installed.

  • Bounce Rate decreased by 2%
  • Adsense revenue: 23% increase


Results will vary depending on site traffic and subject matter.



Google Custom Search Setup

  1. First, you’ll need to set things up with Google Custom Search if you haven’t already. We are already assuming you have a Google Adsense account setup and it is linked with Custom Search
  2. Go to https://www.google.com/cse/create/new
  3. Enter all information and click Create
  4. Under “Edit search engine” go cheap oakleys to “Look and feel”
  5. Click “Full width” and click Save
  6. Go to “Setup”
  7. Click the “Make money” tab, and make sure “Search Engine Monetization” is on and your AdSense account is hooked up
  8. On the “Basics” tab under the Details section cheap nfl jerseys click – “Search engine ID”
  9. Take note of your Search Engine ID

See More install & setup

  1. Once you download the package, unzip it
  2. Upload gsearch.php to your forum root
  3. Install the product xml under the admincp. Plugins & Projects > Manage Products > Add/Import Product (at the bottom)
  4. Go to Settings > Options > “See More” Google Custom Search (Pro)
  5. Insert your pub id as noted in the last step of the previous section
  6. If you wish to change how the results page looks the template is named see_more_gsearch
  7. That’s it!


Upgrading from Lite

Simply re-import the product xml with “allow overwrite” checked.


Release Log

  • 1.0 – 6/18/14
    • Initial Release
  • 1.0.1 oakley sunglasses cheap – 6/20/14
    • corrected issue with Google ID verification
  • 1.1 – 6/20/14
    • Added ability to only show See More & Google search replacement to specific usergroups
  • 1.2 – 6/24/14
    • Added option to display popular queries on search results page & choose the period of time they are from
    • Caching of search page template
    • Fixed validation error with Google Search ID
  • 1.2.1 – 6/28/14
    • Fixed an issue with Google Search box
    • Fixed an issue where links were not appearing for some setups
    • Removed search page centering
    • Added support for different character encoding
  • 1.2.3 – 9/22/14
    • Fixed encoding issue
    • Added support for mobile style
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