Forum Setup & Upgrades

New Forum Install

Need a new forum setup? Great!  We can setup your forum and change the coloring of the default style to your specifications for only $45! Many companies, such as vBulletin, charge $150 for the exact same thing!  That’s a savings of 70%!

We can install just about any forum software out there including but not limited to:

  1. vBulletin
  2. Xenforo
  3. phpBB
  4. IPB

Here’s what you’ll need ahead of time for this service:

  1. Forum software license
  2. Downloaded package to send to us
  3. Hosting with FTP access

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Forum upgrade service

Need your forum software updated or a security patch installed? No problem!

Our basic $55 update service ensures that:

  • Your forum software is running the latest version*
  • Your templates are up to date*
  • If modifications are installed, any problematic ones are disabled
  • Everything is functioning normally
*This service does not include going from one major release to another (i.e. 3.x to 4.x) or updating custom styles. See other update services below.

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Our enhanced $90 service ensures that:

  • Everything above is checked off
  • Up to 5 modifications are updated to the latest version*
*assuming there is an update and the modification is compatible with your version. If not, see other services below.

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Other Update Services

If you have more than 5 modifications that need to be updated, you need to go from one major release to another (same product), or you have a custom style that needs to be updated when upgrading the forum software please contact us to get a free quote!