Speed Optimization

Are your users complaining of slow load times? Is your server screaming for relief? Let us help! We’ve been researching what makes forums faster for years and have come up with solutions to make you and your visitors happy.

Here’s what our process involves:

  • Analyze page load times
  • Determine the bottleneck
  • Form a customized plan for optimization
  • Optimize and retest

We use various techniques to make your site faster including:

  • Implementation of CDN’s to load your static files
  • Server side op code caching
  • Third party plugin evaluation
  • Server tuning


The price for this package varies depending on how much optimization you require and how large your site is.   For a basic optimization for smaller sites with less than 1,000 visitors a day, we charge $45 (excluding 3rd party software). For a free quote please contact us!